iPhones Without AT&T – Reviews by PC Magazine

9 10 2009

iPhones Without AT&T

Very interesting idea. Basically buy an iPod touch and a MiFi from Verizon and run skype


PowerShell Command to determine who has what device for ActiveSync in Exchange 2007

4 08 2009

I wanted to know who had an iPhone to alert them about the 3.0.1 update, this is the PS command I used to get the data

  Get-Mailbox | ForEach {Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics –
Mailbox:$_.Identity} | ft Identity, Devicetype, DeviceUserAgent

Augmented Reality iPhone 3GS App

17 07 2009

One of the first augmented reality apps to go live in the iPhone AppStore. Forget boring 2D tube maps! Try this amazing new application that tells Londoners where their nearest tube station is via their iPhones video function

Now this looks cool – all I need is a real HUD display and there are many ways this could be used.