Enable writing with Apple’s built-in NTFS driver

18 03 2010
I am linking to this so I don’t forget

“Compatibility with Microsoft’s NTFS filesystem is sometimes necessary for people who use either separate PCs or Boot Camp. While Apple offers a driver to read NTFS volumes, by default it will not write to them. To overcome this, there are several third-party NTFS drivers available, but in Snow Leopard you can also set Apple’s built-in driver to write to NTFS as well.”


Why iPad Is the ‘Children’s Toy of the Year’

11 03 2010

Why iPad Is the ‘Children’s Toy of the Year’

Which means it should be easy enough for most users….

Update: I pre-ordered my iPad yesterday!

Have you backed up your computer today?

6 10 2009

I know, I know – this is as much fun as being told you need to exercise, floss or eat right. That doesn’t make any of them less important. Well have you backed up? If not why not? Ideally you should have several different kinds of backups – a regular local backup to a disk or NAS, and a “offsite” backup.

Funds tight? Looking for a freebie? You could just back up your most vital files with a free backup service. Usually you are limited in how much you can backup, but hey it is free. Mozy, iDrive, aDrive, boxstr, skydrive and others provide free online backup. I’m not necessarily endorsing any of them, and you have to watch out for scams, but this is a reasonable and free way to backup your Windows (and Mac) computer.

Mac vs PC, and Why Mac Wins

9 09 2009

That is how Apple stays so successful and grabs market share – it has unique products like no one else, along with services to offer that no other computer manufacturer can match. This is why I paid twice as much for the MacBook, as opposed to another PC that would bring with it the same troublesome hurdles for a demanding user like me.
Do you think Apple won over this customer with its commitment to first-class customer service? The MacBook Pro is humming along nicely, and I am getting my work done, so yes, Apple will benefit from my continued commitment, my referrals, and from the wide audience that will read this article.

As long as Apple continues to understand this – they will continue to grow…

Find Out How – Mac Basics

11 07 2009

One less excuse for not switching – all the help you should need is free and online