BlackBerry update bursting with spyware

17 07 2009

An update pushed out to BlackBerry users on the Etisalat network in the United Arab Emirates appears to contain remotely-triggered spyware that allows the interception of messages and emails, as well as crippling battery life.

Sent out as a WAP Push message, the update installs a Java file that one curious customer decided to take a closer look at, only to discover an application intended to intercept both email and text messages, sending a copy to an Etisalat server without the user being aware of anything beyond a slightly excessive battery drain.

The only thing saving us from these sorts of mindless click to install exploits is that many users are too dumb to figure out how to do an install in the first place…


bes 5.0 nightmare

15 07 2009

bes 5.0 nightmare

Well BES 5.0, so far anyway, sucks. It sucks to get set up, the interface sucks, the it policy area looks like something that was designed as a rough draft on a white board and then just put into the product and so many other issues I really can’t list them all.

I’d pretty much agree with this. Why do companies feel the need to move to half baked web admin interfaces that only work on IE, after having a perfectly good Windows only client?