Have you backed up your computer today?

6 10 2009

I know, I know – this is as much fun as being told you need to exercise, floss or eat right. That doesn’t make any of them less important. Well have you backed up? If not why not? Ideally you should have several different kinds of backups – a regular local backup to a disk or NAS, and a “offsite” backup.

Funds tight? Looking for a freebie? You could just back up your most vital files with a free backup service. Usually you are limited in how much you can backup, but hey it is free. Mozy, iDrive, aDrive, boxstr, skydrive and others provide free online backup. I’m not necessarily endorsing any of them, and you have to watch out for scams, but this is a reasonable and free way to backup your Windows (and Mac) computer.