Why installing a bunch of stuff on a Windows computer is a bad idea

9 10 2009

So I get an email from someone with XP and Office 2007 that both Excel and Outlook are unable to work properly (links are messed up, unable to move email around, etc) with the error “this operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer”.

After verifying that they indeed had local admin privileges, I went to my best friend ‘Google’… Google didn’t help me much, so I asked the person if they had installed anything – and of course they had. When in doubt, blame the last thing you messed with.

What had they installed? Google Chrome – and not only had they installed it, they reinstalled it. When will people learn? Anyway with this new information, they changed the default browser and it works – for now anyway. Of course after that happened I found an article talking about how a corrupt registry entry at HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Classes \htmlfile\shell\open\command can cause this problem and that Chrome can break Outlook.

Moral of the story? Quit installing junk on your computer!




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